Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And It Keeps Going

The Small Things

So... yesterday I felt a little like I'd been training, building momentum for the last three months, intensely working and using all of that to run myself full force into a wall.


Technically, the test went fine. It wasn't what I'd hoped for, but was probably what I should have expected realistically.

I did do better than 86% of the other people who took the test, but unfortunately I'm not competing with them to get into grad school, I'm competing with the 14% that did better.

I'm still going back an forth on what to do next. Retake it? Start looking at other, less demanding schools (although I did just fine to get into two back-up schools on my list)? Keep time and energy for applications (due in two to three months)?

About every hour feelings changes, but I'm waiting until I get back from a week of backpacking to settle on a plan.

I already know too well, life rarely turns out as planned, which is generally fine.

Oh, and my backpacking partner hurt his back so I'm not sure quite what I'm doing next week either :)

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