Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coming together

Duplex Work Crew

Two of the homes we're building this summer are made of prefabricated panels (lumber and sheets of OSB already put together). We also received trusses, drywall, roofing and the lumber that makes up the floor.

They all came together on two semi's last Tuesday. The paperwork from the company delivering said to have six people ready to unload.

So we did.

Gable End

But as you're probably already thinking, that's not enough!

The truck drivers just about fainted when I told them we were going to hand unload their vehicles.

One Semi Down

While Jessica, the NCCC volunteers and I were all ready to work hard, the day was really saved by over 20 volunteers from the WYSTAR program who came, carried, smiled and managed to unload two semi's in four hours! The same it usually takes if you have a forklift!

I was amazed and ecstatic that we pulled it off, that we all came together, that we fulfilled the mission of Habitat of bringing the community together and doing it in a way that promotes affordable housing!

March of the Trusses

We have another semi to unload this Tuesday. We're getting a forklift!

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The Old Gray Egg said...

Makes me respect the old Amish barn raising parties even more.