Monday, November 24, 2008

Baseball in Nicaragua

Crotchety Baseball
Manager of the opposition team

Baseball is a passion in Nicaragua. Especially in Rivas. Every kid here knows that Vicente Padilla plays in the Major League.

Rivas also has a baseball stadium where the National League plays (National League games are also broadcast on local TV stations). While the donated lights to play at night have been stolen, the paint is faded and the concrete walls are crumbing, there are still seasonal day games for which the stadium fills.

So it was no surprise when the workers here at the NPH office decided to form a softball team to play on city league.

Horses in the outfield? No problem! Just hope that the ball doesn't hit them.

Rainy Season Dugout
Flooded dugout from the rainy season? No problem! Just move so the splash of old dirty water doesn't hit you when the ball comes flying your way.

We've won a few and we've lost a few (nope, I'm not actually playing, but I'll count myself in anyway). But the same competitive spirit that makes the game a US pastime is certainly alive and well here too!

Ready, Set, Go!
Ready... Set... Go!

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Peter said...

I don't think that the lights were stolen in the same way things like that are stolen by metal thieves around here. I heard that they were a gift from Japan and then a crooked politician sold them to the team in Leon. Then again that is a unique way of stealing them. Great action photos.