Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We've Got a Lot of Work to Do!

Sanpopo Marching

So we're getting back to work!

What? We weren't working?

Ok, well we were always working, but over the last month, we were just finishing up jobs that we had already started, like a temporary school and kitchen for the 80 kids moving into the four houses in December. But now we can start the next houses!

All because NPH's National Director had a meeting with the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega yesterday. Well, him and many many other people.

You see, for the last several months, the government of Nicaragua has been talking about non-profits being the center of money laundering in Nicaragua. NPH received notice about two months ago that we would be audited (along with lots of other non-profits). And about a month ago, it was announced that street children would go to foster homes and all other children's homes would be shut down (and here at NPH we stopped making contracts for future construction work).

Remaking an cow feed shelter into a four classroom school

Apparently that was a miscommunication.

In the meeting, the Sandanistas announced that they would not be shutting down all of the orphanages in the country, but that with teamwork and financial transparency we would continue on together.

So we're getting back to work!

Closing up the fire stove to funnel smoke outside (and it's being painted)

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