Friday, August 22, 2008

And the Conclusion to Nicaragua in the Olympics!

Walter first followed by the swimmers with the runners on the bottom.

And the official results of Nicaragua in the Olympics!

Walter Martinez - In the 10m Air Rifle event, he placed 50th out of 51. In the 50m Air Rifle event, he placed 55th out of 56. Way to go Walter! You were never last!!!

Dalia Torrez
- In the womens 50m freestyle (that would be swimming), she placed 55th out of 90! The incredible thing is that's only 3.61 seconds off the winner! I'd probably prune up before I made it all the way!

Omar Nunez
- In the men's 50m freestyle, he placed 75th out of 97! That put him ahead of Rwanda, Nepal and the Sudan and other land locked countries!

Jessica Aguilera - In the womens 100m Round 1 Heat 6 (we're on to running), she placed 72nd out of 85, not quite enough to qualify for finals, but much closer to it than I have gotten so far.

Juan Zeledon - In the men's 200m Round 1, he finished 62nd out of 62. Well, technically he was 62nd out of 62, but only because four others were disqualified.

Seriously though, while Nicaragua's hopes for their first Olympic medal may have to wait another four years (for some reason they don't participate in the winter Olympics), the athletes that represented Nicaragua this year worked as hard or harder than many who did receive medals.

In interview in Beijing with a Managua newspaper Jessica spoke about running races barefoot until high school to win prizes such as a can a food so that she could help her family.

What? No medal for that? Though that kind of dedication may seem incredible to us who have enough to eat that may qualify approximately 862 million people for a medal!

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