Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Look

A few more depictions of the house.

In our meeting with NPH Family Services in Honduras last week, they requested that we decrease the number of rooms to two with eight children in each for ease of supervision during the night.

So our architect has completely redesigned the bedroom portion of the house (which with sixteen kids is no small task) and given us two options to choose from. That said, she hasn’t made more cadd renderings like these yet for the new design (which we received last night and so should be choosing today). So the house will be close to what you see here, same style, same materials, but (as always until it’s finished) there will be some changes as well.

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Cougar Joe said...

Looks pretty fancy! Those kids will need to be featured on the South American version of Cribs! Hope all is well, I drove through Crow Agengy today and thought of you. (And the semi truck that I tried to run us into on the way there!) I'm in Gillette, WY for the next 6 weeks or so. Happy Holidays.