Wednesday, October 31, 2007

But it's Just a Baby!

So the next time I see a spider in the shower and I say it’s a big one, just believe me.

I’ve never lived a long time in an area with tarantulas before and so I guess it never occurred to me that they would show up trapped in your bathtub like their smaller cousins.

My general philosophy with bugs is just to leave them alone and they’ll generally either leave or die. But when I mentioned the spider in my bathroom to a friend, he went after it with a broom without hesitation. It was probably a good thing that he did, I think everyone appreciates a showered co-worker more.

I have been assured not to worry, however, the 4 inch one in my bathroom? Just a baby. Great.

Happy Halloween!

And one more note, having been inspired by my brother in law, Kamo ( and friend Leah (, I started up a Flickr account. Most of them are photos you've already seen on this blog, but some of them are new (or should I say old?). You can check them out at

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